Write For Us

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Think you’ve got what it takes to be a writer at Top Deck Nation? Want to help spread the word about the Pokémon TCG and help other players? We’re hiring! In order to become a writer for the site, you will need the following. Submit the required information via email and we will review it.

Note: This is a voluntary position. While we understand that writers work very hard to push out high quality articles, the  primary goal of of Top Deck Nation is to provide free content to the Pokémon TCG community. A donation system may be possible in the future, but not at this time.


Required Information

  1. One writing sample. This can be from previous writing positions at other websites or original content regarding the Pokémon TCG. Basically, we want to see how well you can convey your ideas and opinions regarding the game. For example, if you are submitting a deck analysis article, please make sure you explain your card choices and state why they are viable in that given format.
  2. A list of accomplishments. While we select writers largely off of their samples, your accomplishments can also establish a sense of credibility. These include, but are not limited to, tournaments at the City, State, Regional, National, and World Championship levels.

Email the above information to [email protected] with the subject “Writing Application”. Thanks and good luck!