“The Trevenant Truth” – 1st Place Belgium Regionals Report


What’s up, dear Top Deck Nation readers? My name is Nico Sutter and I have been playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game now for about three years! I am from Germany and this is my first “real” competitive season playing for my invite to the World Championships in San Francisco in the Masters Division. So far I had only won a City Championship in Nancy (France) this year but finally I broke the barrier and got my first Regionals win in Lanaken (Belgium) playing Trevenant BREAK in the Expanded Format. I’m sitting on 521 Championship Points, having my Day One invite secured! Lanaken was the first Regionals I was able to attend this Spring.

I decided to play Trevenant since I like item-lock a lot and just because Groudon-EX had won in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) the week before. I expected little to no Speed Darkrai-EX or Yveltal and a lot Primal Groudon-EX. Since it’s very hard to consistently beat the giant lizard due to its insane strength in the current Black/White-BREAKpoint Expanded Format, I only had the option to also play it or to counter it if I want to have a chance of making 1st place.

Guiding Trevenant players to victory!

So I picked Trevenant and tested it against certain match-ups. The list was one card off compared to Aaron Tarbell’s Florida Regionals winning list. I cut the Delinquent for a third N which definitely was the right decision. The additional N gives you overall a better consistency and also prevents some midgame dead-draw scenarios that happened quite often with two N.

Also, I never used Delinquent because I always had to draw more cards to keep myself in the game and being fast enough to set up. Additionally, it’s very risky to discard your own Dimension Valley since you need it for faster attacking in Trevenant. Dimension Valley works real wonders.

For now, Trevenant is one of the most underestimated Decks coming from the current BREAKpoint set which had its debut in February, especially in the Expanded Format because of Jirachi-EX, Computer Search and some other very good inclusions like Mewtwo-EX. Also, the fast-attacking option with Silent Fear setting up a countdown until you won the game, locking your opponent out of items from the very beginning and the 160 HP makes Trevenant BREAK a very serious monster in the BKP Expanded Format.

The ability to item-lock your opponent straight from the very first turn can nearly auto-win almost any match-up just by evolving your Phantump turn 1 with Wally, so you can just evolve into the BREAK version of Trevenant turn two and start to Silent Fear your opponent. Also, the possibility to Ascension for zero energy through Dimension Valley is really strong since you can build up two or more Trevenant at the the same time.

BREAKing the Expanded Format.
BREAKing the Expanded Format.

In addition, attaching Bursting Balloon nearly every turn and keeping up the item lock while spreading major damage on your opponent’s field makes it very hard for your opponent to stay in the game.

I think Aaron Tarbell’s list with my changes of no Delinquent and the additional N is the right Trevenant version to use at any further XY-BREAKpoint Expanded tournament. If there was another tournament of the same format next week, I would play the exact same 60 cards list since I never missed anything –  it just felt perfect all day, without a doubt.

The Deck List

Here is the list I used to win Lanaken Regionals in Belgium:

Pokémon: 17Trainers: 35Energy:8
4 Phantump BKP
4 Trevenant XY
3 Trevenant BREAK BKP
2 Wobbuffet PHF
2 Shaymin-EX ROS
1 Mewtwo-EX LTR
1 Jirachi-EX PLB
4 Professor Juniper
3 N
2 Wally
1 Colress
1 Lysandre
1 AZ

4 Dimension Valley

4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Bursting Balloon
3 Level Ball
2 Float Stone
1 Super Rod
1 Computer Search
5 Psychic
3 Mystery

Lanaken Regionals Report

Round 1: Matthias L. with Raikou/Eelektrik — WW (1-0-0)

Game 1 I had a rather bad start but I still managed to get out some Trevenant BREAK and ultimately I was able to barely win because he found no Rough Seas to replace my Dimension Valley in the late game. Game 2 he drew dead at some point and I went for Silent Fear until he scooped.

Round 2: Alexey Y. with Vespiquen/Vileplume — WLT (1-0-1)

Game 1 I whiffed the turn one Trevenant and promoted my Wobbuffet to hinder him from setting up with Shaymin-EX. At some point he tried to Shaymin-loop me but I finally won by killing his Shaymin-EX with Mewtwo EX. Game 2 he had all the set-up he needed and I should have scooped earlier but I unfortunately didn’t. Game 3 I whiffed the turn one Trevenant again, and so he could set up and we ended in a tie.

Round 3: Vito F. with Mega Manectric-EX/Jolteon-EX — WLW (2-0-1)

Game 1 I had the turn one Trevenant which he countered with Hex Maniac but it didn’t help him much, so he scooped the game. Game 2 I scooped as I noticed 2 Phantump were prized, 1 Phantump got killed by a early Lysandre and the Trevenant BREAK got 2-hit-knocked-out by Turbo Bolt. I whiffed the Super Rod after playing Professor Juniper, so from there on I was to slow to make a comeback. Game 3 we both drew dead several turns until I drew out first and won.

Round 4: Percy M. with Wailord-EX — LL (2-1-1)

Trevenant really can’t beat Wailord-EX because of too much healing, Hugh, too many AZ, Cassius, etc. I tried my best in both games, setting up 120 damage on the active Wailord-EX, retreating to Wobbuffet and killing it with Psychic Assault, but in the end all my energy got discarded and I stood no chance.

Round 5: Tristan W. with Mega Manectric-EX/Fighting — WW (3-1-1)

Game 1 I had the turn one Trevenant. He answered with Hex Maniac, but it didn’t help him a lot, so I won quite fast.  Game 2 he had a fair setup but I had the Ascension into Trevenant and after that I consistently drew into my Bursting Balloons to deal even more damage. He played no Rough Seas so it was rather easy in the end killing a damaged Mega Manectric-EX with my Mewtwo-EX by bringing it active with Lysandre.

Round 6: Maurice v. d. B. with Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX — WW (4-1-1)

Game 1 I whiffed the turn one Trevenant but still was able to keep up the lead. He attacked with Seismitoad-EX but I traded my prizes more favorable than him and I won by killing his 2 remaining Shaymin-EX on his bench with Silent Fear. Game 2 I had Ascension into Trevenant, he whiffed some important pieces he needed to stay in the game and after a really good Professor Juniper drawing all my pieces at once and even got the Bursting Balloon, he scooped.

Top 8: Gunter v. R. with Primal Groudon-EX — My opponent scooped because he wanted to go home.

Top 4: Viet-Tuan P. with Seismitoad-EX/Crobat — WW (5-1-1)

Game 1 I had the turn one Trevenant and won rather fast. Game 2 he had a good start but I hit the Ascension into Trevenant and had the whole course of the game a clear advantage. After he Lysandre’d out of the active Trevenant, he hit three tails in a row with Super Scoop Up. He had no other way to heal his damaged Pokémon anymore, so he scooped.

Finals: Benjamin P. With Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX — LWW (6-1-1)

This was one of the most intense best of three matches I ever played. Game 1 I whiffed the Turn one Trevenant, had no good start at all and he knew Giratina-EX was key in this match-up, so he Chaos Wheel’d me until I scooped. Game 2 I had a bad start again, but I found a Professor Juniper and came back. I had a clear advantage the whole game and he whiffed some quite important stuff, so he scooped. Game 3 he had all he needed, but I also had a good start and the Ascension into Trevenant. I had a slight advantage because he only had one Giratina-EX with Fighting Fury Belt but I damaged it with multiple Tree Slams and Silent Fears.

At some point he whiffed the very important energy attachment to Giratina-EX, so I was able to kill it with another Tree Slam. I also attached a Bursting Balloon to my active Trevenant, so by attacking it with Quaking Punch he killed his own Seismitoad-EX since it already had a lot of damage (but he had to item-lock me to stay in the game). I whiffed the energy attachment for the game but one turn later drew into Super Rod, shuffled back three of my Psychic Energy, played N for two and the first card I drew was the Psychic Energy for the Regionals win! The whole best of three was a really scary rollercoaster which could have gone either way to be honest, but in the end all the hard work paid out, finally winning my first Regionals ever!



  • Benjamin P. for the very intense final match!
  • Fatih A. for also playing Trevenant that day!
  • The entire Judge and STAFF Team for the unique event experience!
  • My sponsor Pokémon Card Market EU for supporting me with cards!

Final Standings

1st: Trevenant BREAK

2nd: Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX

Top 4: Seismitoad-EX/Crobat

Top 4: Raikou/Eelektrik

Top 8: Primal Groudon-EX

Top 8: Primal Groudon-EX

Top 8: Greninja

Top 8: Vespiquen/Vileplume


I’m very happy to finally win my first Regionals Championship with a deck I really like. I think Trevenant BREAK is the best Expanded play for now in a meta with little to no Speed Darkrai-EX or Yveltal. If there is a lot of Speed Darkrai-EX or Yveltal, go for Groudon. The reason why Groudon-EX didn’t make it further was that the one Groudon-EX player wanted to go home and the other Groudon-EX player – who is a friend of mine – lost in Top 8 to Raikou/Eelektrik because he played 2 Focus Sash instead of the (in my opinion) better 1-1 Focus Sash/Hard Charm split.

Good luck to all of you preparing for the upcoming United States Spring Regionals! If you want to hear further details on Trevenant or see my current list of Primal Groudon-EX in the Black/White-BREAKpoint Expanded Format, just feel free to message me on Facebook and I’ll help you out! 🙂

Until next time,

Nico Sutter

Featured image credit: Ishmam, Deviant Art.

Nico Sutter is an European Pokémon TCG player with a high number of top tournament finishes, including winning the 2016 Lanaken and Basel Regional Championships.


  1. If you think so – we had a lot of high-level players here in Lanaken who qualified multiple times for worlds and even some of them earned their Paid-Trip for Day 2 last season. The metagame shifted to Groudon being the best choice for BKP Expanded so Dark decks dropped a lot. So by playing Trevenant BREAK I made the best metacall that day to show Groudon’s vulnerability to Trevenant and the lack of Dark decks to counter Trevenant 😉


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