“Lightning Strikes Again” — The Many Partners of Mega Manectric-Ex


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What is up, TopDeckNation readers! My name is James, and I am a new writer for the site. I previously wrote for EnergySearch, but it has since been merged with TopDeckNation to create the awesome website you see now. In this article I want to discuss the motility of [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php]. This thunder pup is so dominant because it has several different partners in both formats to choose from depending on the meta you expect to play. Since Cities is right around the corner, I’ll start with the Standard partners/decks that I’ve been testing and then go onto a few decks from the much larger Expanded Format.

Standard Strategies

The partners in Standard that stand out above the rest are [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘ROS_017’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_024’);[/php], [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_065’);[/php], and now the new [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_084’);[/php] from BREAKThrough.

First of all, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘ROS_017’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_024’);[/php] is my favorite pick going into the Cities tournaments. This deck has answers for both EX and non-EX centric decks. Notably, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘ROS_017’);[/php] is great against non-EX decks like [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘XY_043’);[/php], [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_010’);[/php], Night March, Stage 1’s/Eeveelutions, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_055’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_054’);[/php], and [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_060’);[/php], as it can turn the prize trade in your favor. For the EX heavy decks, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_024’);[/php] cleans up as it can’t be affected by any of their main attackers. The format is well saturated with these decks like [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘FFI_106’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_093’);[/php], [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘ROS_105’);[/php], other [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php]s, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_085’);[/php], [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_114’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘XY_055’);[/php], and [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘XY_144’);[/php]. And without a non-EX attacker, the only way around [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_024’);[/php] is a status condition so it cannot attack, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘FLF_104’);[/php] around it to hit a bench sitter, or consistently discard [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_024′);[/php]’s energy.

The Deck:


The next deck to look out for is [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_065’);[/php]. Mega Man sits up front early to power up the [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_065’);[/php] on the bench. Use [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_092’);[/php] to drop Metal energy in the discard and accelerate them onto the [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_065’);[/php]. Most competitive decks today are running some sort of Special Energy whether it be [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘XY_130’);[/php], [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘ROS_097’);[/php], [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘FFI_104’);[/php], [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_112’);[/php], or [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘XY_131’);[/php]; [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_065’);[/php] effectively shuts them all down. This card forces decks to either run several Basic Energy cards, stream constant [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_075’);[/php]s, or play [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_140′);[/php] to shut down its Ability.

The Deck:


Lastly, I believe that this new [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_084’);[/php] will see a lot of play due to its splashability in decks. It can attack for a DCE (or a single Turbo Bolt onto it) and do 130 damage (if a supporter was played that turn, which usually happens). If that wasn’t good enough for you, its ability Premonition allows you to look at the top 5 cards of your deck and put them back in any order. This pairs so well with [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_100’);[/php] and [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_122’);[/php], both of which are already staples in most decks. You use Premonition, rearrange the cards, then [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_100’);[/php] or [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_122’);[/php] for exactly what you need. The only downside to [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_084’);[/php] is that you need [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_158′);[/php] to effectively play it. However, with a quick item-based draw deck, it shouldn’t be too difficult to successfully play Maxie’s turn one or two.

The Deck:


Expanded Strategies

First up in Expanded is a partner that became prevalent at U.S. Nationals this past year in response to the popularity of [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_151’);[/php]. This partner is [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLB_097’);[/php]. Since one of [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php]’s biggest enemies is [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_151’);[/php] itself, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLB_097’);[/php] allows an out by hitting the colossus for weakness. It allows an OHKO simply with a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘XY_121’);[/php] and overkill with [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLB_092’);[/php]. In addition, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLB_097’);[/php] can work around [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_151’);[/php]’s Ancient Trait. By attaching a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLS_127’);[/php], its Red Signal works just like a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘FLF_104’);[/php] to bring up the [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PRC_151’);[/php] off the bench into the active spot. Against other match-ups, the deck runs as smoothly as any other [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php] deck. This deck in particular is meant to be a hard counter to both Primals, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘FFI_106′);[/php], and any other big decks weak to grass.

The Deck:


PLS_065This next partner is my personal favorite out of all the partners of [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php], winning me multiple League Challenges this season. It first really showed its face at U.S. Fall Regionals in the second week in response to [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘XY_144’);[/php] and [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLS_137’);[/php]’s dominant performances in the previous week. This partner is none other than [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLS_065’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLF_119’);[/php]. This deck works very well even without the use of [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_093’);[/php] for [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLS_065’);[/php]. It sets up fairly quicky and allows you to have the option of hitting for 110 like usual or hitting for even bigger numbers with a 1-prize attacker. Also with the deck is the ability to shut down your opponent’s Abilities with a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PLF_119’);[/php] tech. Depending on what deck you are up against, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120′);[/php]/Tool Drop seems to have an answer.

The Deck:


These two decks, I believe, are the best partners for [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php] in the Expanded Format; however, that does not mean that the Standard partners cannot survive in Expanded. With a few tweaks, each of the Standard decks can become more powerful for the Expanded Format.

The Incoming Painting Partner

The biggest addition to each of these decks that I have not included in any of them is the inclusion of the new [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_123’);[/php] from BREAKthrough! This card will soon become a 1-of (at least) in every [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php] deck that runs more than one type of basic energy. With the inclusion of [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_092’);[/php] in each deck, [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_123’);[/php] can ensure that the right Energy will be on the right Pokémon and can even become a tech against certain matches. Let’s take [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘FFI_106’);[/php]/[php]ShortCodeCardName(‘AOR_093’);[/php], for example (or any other deck that discards Energies). If your Pokémon has a basic Energy of its type plus a Lightning Energy, the [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘FFI_106’);[/php] player will try to discard the type of Energy that the specific Pokémon needs. If you have a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_123’);[/php] on the bench and another Lightning Energy in your hand, instead of furiously searching your deck for another Energy of that type, simply attach the Lightning Energy and use [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_123’);[/php]’s Second Coat Ability to switch the Lightning Energy with the previously discarded one!


Another way to play [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_123’);[/php] is in setting up. Use Battle Compressor to discard the Energy that you need and attach a Lightning Energy to the active. Then use Second Coat to swap the ones you need. In addition to this, this is a great way to get out of this pesky situation. Let’s say you have a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php] active with two Lightning Energies on it. On the bench you have a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_123’);[/php] and a [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_113’);[/php] with no Energy. In the Discard Pile there are only two Psychic Energy. You don’t want to have to accelerate those two Psychic Energy onto the [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_113’);[/php], but there’s no way to get a Lightning Energy into the discard. That’s where [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘BKT_123’);[/php] comes in. Use Second Coat on the active to swap a Lightning Energy with one of the Psychic Energy in the discard. Now you have an active Mega that can still attack, and the discard has Psychic and Lightning Energy ready to be accelerated onto the benched [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_113’);[/php]. Perfect!

Each of these partners just serves to prove the power of [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php] in both legal Formats. The ability to accelerate Energy onto the bench and work with a variety of types, partners, and play styles make [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php] one of the best decks in the game. There are several more partners that will come into the forefront that [php]ShortCodeCardName(‘PHF_120’);[/php] can certainly work well with; these are just the ones that have been proven to be strong in their respective formats. Thanks for reading and happy testing!

James Yates is a 21 year old student at Mississippi State University studying Animal and Dairy Science. Playing competitive Pokemon for several years now, he has started his hand at writing for the Pokemon community through TopDeckNation. He will be enrolled in the Mississippi State Veterinary school this coming July where he will study Veterinary Medicine for the next four years. He hopes to continue writing and playing Pokemon as much as he can!


    • I saw that! It’s a great deck. It also speaks to the versatility of Mega Manectric-Ex what with the regular Manectric-Ex being just as good as the Mega itself! Not many other Mega cards can boast that!


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