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If you are reading this post, then let me be the first to say it — welcome to Top Deck Nation! The goal of this website is to promote the Pokémon Trading Card Game through strategy articles, deck ideas, videos, beginner’s guides, and more. We hope that it will encourage veteran players to dive deeper into the TCG, as well as help make the transition into the game a little easier for new players. Whether you’ve played the Pokémon TCG for 10 minutes or 10 years, there’s something for everyone here!

On a personal note, I have been and on and off Pokémon player since the days of Base Set, though I wouldn’t consider myself a highly competitive player until the 2011-12 HeartGold/SoulSilver-on season, having won multiple Cities and topping at various Battle Roads and State tournaments. I am a member of various Pokémon communities on the net, including PokeCommunity, PokeBeach, and PokeGym. Most of us have fond childhood memories relating to Pokémon, and my story is no different. Between the video games and the TCG, I was absolutely obsessed with Pokémon, getting to experience the peak of the crazy in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Even as an adult, I have met a lot of my best friends through playing Pokémon and believe that the community for the game is truly a remarkable one.

Since the lapse of The Top Cut just a few short months ago, I believe there has a been a void in continuity of Pokémon content. There is a ton of great Pokémon content out there, including Twitch streams, YouTube Channels, and even dedicated article websites, but I feel like there is no longer a a go-to place for players who want all of these great features. My personal goal is to make Top Deck Nation just that. In the coming months, I hope to reach out to various accomplished players in the Pokémon community and have a plethora of guest articles on the site, as well as tournament interviews. In addition. I will be uploading various content regularly, including deck analysis, Pokémon Trading Card Game Online deck building videos, and weekly streams via Twitch.tv.

Also, something that will differentiate this website from others out there is the Deck Vault. This is a collaboration of various skeleton lists for various competitive decks in the current standard format. This is something relatively unique to a Pokémon TCG website, as it gives new and veteran players a place to go for deck frameworks. Not sure where to begin with your Night March build? Having trouble with your supporter counts in your Metal deck? Then the Deck Vault is for you!

In conclusion, I hope you will take the time to browse Top Deck Nation and learn more about the Pokémon TCG. We are truly lucky to be able to partake in a card game with such a great community, and that is how I believe this website will move forward. Please spread the word through social media such as Facebook. Thank you to all viewers and enjoy your stay at Top Deck Nation!

Residing in Lexington, Kentucky, Zach Carmichael is a 24 year old who has been a Pokemon enthusiast since the early days of the original Base Set. A competitive player since 2012, he has won multiple City Championships and made Top Cut at various Battle Roads, Cities, and State Championships. Outside of Pokemon, Zach is a graduate student at the University of Kentucky where he studies music theory. This is probably why he enjoys deck analysis and theorymon'ing as much as actually playing the card game.


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